How can lease financing can help you save funds on your business?

lease finance

If you are in the truck and trailer transportation industry, you would already know that renting equipment can be very expensive and it can create a problem with investment funds. Well our team at CIK is giving you a suitable option which relieves you from the expenses of renting and you still have top-of-the-level equipment…

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How does lease financing work?

lease financing

Managing a transport company is a cumbersome task. There are many aspects that you have to keep a track of, starting from equipment monitoring to truck maintenance and this means a lot in expenses. But what if we tell you that there is a wat that you can avoid all these and just concentrate on…

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Truck Leasing – Save money and Expand your Business

Buying a new truck? You could save money by leasing it instead! Want to know what are the benefits involved? Read on to find out! Truck leasing is the act of financing the use of the vehicle without having to purchase it! Truck leasing is a much less costlier process than having to buy a…

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