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Difference between Private Lending & Commercial Vehicle Financing

Commercial Vehicle Financing While most interested prospects have knowledge about applying for a credit card, LOC, vehicle loan or a home loan, some of them might be unaware of the difference when applying for commercial vehicle or equipment financing. Here we are exploring the differences and the common point between commercial vehicle financing and private lending. One should…

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How to buy a Healthy Pre Owned Truck

Truck Financing Some people prefer a used Truck! There can be many reasons as to why? But, I think the most common reason is the budget. Who doesn’t love a budget-friendly vehicle? If you are planning to buy a second hand or a used truck, then this post is for you. There are certain complexities that…

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Bad Credit Auto Loans or Finance – CIK Capital

What is Credit? Credit is borrowed money that is used to purchase goods and services when you need them. You get Credit from the credit grantor or financer, whom you agree to pay back the amount you spent, with applicable financial charges, at an agreed time. There are four types of credit: Revolving credit – you are…

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