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Lease Finance

When renting is too expensive, turn to Cash Is King (CIK) to lease your next truck or trailer. Leasing is becoming a popular choice of financing within the transportation industry. From the single owner-operator to large fleets, leasing is indeed the preferred choice for various reasons.

Reliable transportation is an integral part of any business. Operating costs, maintenance, and regulatory requirements impact all sectors of the transportation industry. Leasing gives you the ability to keep a fresh fleet of reliable trucks and trailers on the job. From owner/operator to large commercial fleets, we can finance any size truck, trailer or transportation-related need.

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    Benefits of Lease Financing

    • Tax Advantage : setting up an operating lease will allow you to write off the payments since they are used as a pre-tax expense. This helps you save money during tax time.
    • Equal Monthly Payments : unlike a bank loan where the interest rates can fluctuate, causing changes in payments, a lease is setup with a fixed payment for a fixed term. This allows you to manage your monthly budgets.
    • Flexible Credit Underwriting : unlike the bank, lenders in the leasing industry will typically use credit as just one factor when reviewing a file. Asset type and industry experience are just some additional items taken into consideration when underwriting a submission file. At Cash Is King (CIK), we can provide you with lease financing for new or used equipment. We can work with you regardless of where you are purchasing the truck or trailer from – whether it is from a major dealer or a private seller – we can help you with your truck leasing needs.
    • Sale/Leasebacks : you may have equipment from outside the country and want to setup a lease. Most funders in Canada will not be able to pay the US seller but in some cases, the client purchases the truck and once the unit is here Canada, we pay you the money back that you spent and it is set up on a lease.
    • Refinancing : just like refinancing a home, we can help with equity take outs from your current equipment. Some clients require money for repairs, cash flow, or any unexpected expenses – we at Cash Is King (CIK), can help you assess the value of your equipment and take out the available equity for you and deposit the cash directly into your account.
    • Repair Loans : we can help you get approved for any unexpected repair costs that may be required on your equipment. Whether it’s an engine inframe or transmission replacement
    • Trade Up : you may be in a lease but decide to upgrade to a newer truck. The team Cash Is King (CIK) can help you trade your existing lease in and upgrade to newer equipment without any heavy penalties. We are experts in moving clients from one truck to the next truck without any additional money coming out of your bottom line, and with getting one trailer to the next.

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