How does lease financing work?

Managing a transport company is a cumbersome task. There are many aspects that you have to keep a track of, starting from equipment monitoring to truck maintenance and this means a lot in expenses. But what if we tell you that there is a wat that you can avoid all these and just concentrate on the operation aspects of your business? Lease financing, that’s what we are talking about. It’s an efficient way to save money you can always have a fresh fleet of truck readily available for your business. For further details, contact CIK Capital.

What is lease finance in the trucking industry?

Lease finance in this industry basically means you get an entire fleet of well maintain trucks for your business on lease. It’s as simple as that. All you have to do is share your requirements with us and we will ensure that all of them are met. You have to submit some documents with our team and the rest of the paperwork will be taken care of by us. We have trucks of all shapes and sizes and based on your needs you can choose. You don’t need to worry about the expenses as our leasing services are very affordable. All trucks are regularly serviced to avoid any kind of breakdown during any trip. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us. We serve in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

Why should you choose lease financing?

· The expenses behind setting up a finance lease is not counted in your taxes, meaning the entire amount is completely tax-free.

· Another major benefit is, there are no floating interest rates like banks. You will only have to pay one fixed amount. 

· You can use the equity of your current equipment which you can use for repairs

· We can help you upgrade to new trucks even though if you have started the lease on old trucks or equipment

At CIK capital, we offer a lease on both new and old equipment. We can work with both owners and operators and large commercial fleets. For further details, contact us