Trailer Loans

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Planning to get a new trailer or a fleet of vehicles with trailers for your business? There is no doubt that trailers are very useful business, especially when transporting and distributing supplies and products on time to the required destination. However, trailers can be expensive and you may find it difficult to set aside funds to obtain them.

Why don’t you opt for a trailer loan instead?

CIK Capital offers trailer loans to business owners across Canada. We are a dedicated, honest, reliable and trustworthy team with over 11 years of experience in helping business owners find the right funding solutions.

A wide range of options

We offer a wide range of financing options to business owners across Canada. This makes it easy for our financial specialists to find the best options and solutions for you.

We work with various manufacturers, suppliers and service providers. This enables us to advise you on the best investment options in the market based on your business needs. We have been able to structure loans specific to various businesses and can do the same for you. We can even get you approved for a fleet of trailers.

Why choose CIK?

  • We offer a quick, hassle-free approval process. Your loan can be approved in just a few hours.
  • After approval, the transfer of funding can be completed within 48 hours.
  • We offer some of the best interest rates in the market based on your current credit situation.
  • We also offer flexible terms and options for loans.
  • If you choose a fixed payment option instead, you can rest assured that you be provided with an honest and transparent service.
  • We offer our services to all types of businesses, even start-ups!
  • We can also tailor each of services to meet your business needs and goals.

Great customer service

Our team of financial experts are always on hand to help you with what you need. Whether you have any queries or require advice on choosing the right financial options, our friendly team is always there to assist you. We will do everything we can to help you get solutions at great interest rates and save money.

You can rest assured that you will get affordable, flexible and innovate solutions along with honest, reliable and prompt services when you choose us. So, get in touch with us today to experience and enjoy our great customer service.