Limited Credit preventing you from expanding Your Fleet?

Transportation businesses have been on a steep rise, as door step services have become a pretty convenient trend. This has given truck loans a push of great demand and also of great return. Commercial truck loans are now easily available for all potential ventures looking to expand their fleet. Trucks can be sourced through leasing also, which initially turns out to be a cheaper option, but costs you equal or sometimes more in case of a long tenure plan. With the increase in demand, applications have also seen a rise too. Here is where you need to prove your potential and get good rates and terms for your loan.

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How CIK Capital can be a Solution:

Avail All Your Options:

CIK Capital, apart from commercial truck loans, provides you other financing options such as leasing or lease-to-own. You can weigh the pros and cons for all plans through CIK Capital. We ensure to provide you with the best rates in the market.

Secure Exclusive and Quick Deals:

We understand that all applications are very different and cannot be judged on same aspects, such as a bad credit application, a first time buyer application, an existing business expanding application. Hence we go through each application with immense clarity so as to give you an exclusive deal, emphasizing on your requirements.

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