Heavy Equipment Loans For Your Business in Brampton?

Who should you contact for heavy equipment loans for your business in Brampton?

Alongside capital, you also need high-quality equipment to ensure that your business runs smoothly on a daily basis. However, to purchase the equipment you need to invest a good amount of money into them. That’s where CIK Capital comes in. You can contact us for heavy equipment financing, equipment repair loans and equipment upgrade loans, all of that on one appointment and all you have to do is schedule it. Remember, having good equipment means better production and also low maintenance. So, if you want to run your business smoothly, get in touch with us for heavy equipment loans.

Equipment loan

Key benefits of heavy equipment loans

  • Low-cost financing as the lesser can take advantage of the tax benefits, which they can pass to the lessee as reduced payments.
  • You use up-to-date equipment for your business, hence you will not have to worry about malfunctions
  • Heavy equipment financing is considered an important factor in sustaining this changing economic uncertainty. Your business can achieve its financial goals and secure valuable assets.
  • Your business can maintain a cashflow and budget by opting for a heavy equipment loan. This will save the business from big fluctuation in the budget; you can plan your budget accordingly.

If you’re still not impressed, you can always get in touch with CIK Capital for more details.

 Offering tailored financial solutions to all our clients

We have a wide portfolio of heavy equipment loan plans that are suited for all budgets.The paperwork can also be customized as per your requirements.  Our loan schemes start from $2500 and go upward and as for repayment options, there are several to choose from and you never feel strained and can run your business with complete peace of mind. The term for repayments varies anywhere between 24-60 months.

An extensive range of heavy equipment that we can finance:

  • Farming equipment
    • Tractors
    • Grain handlers
    • Sprayers
    • Harvesters
  • Construction equipment:
    • Backhoes
    • Forklifts
    • Compressors
    • Bobcats
  • Medical equipment
    • X-ray machines
    • CT Scan
    • Ultrasound
  • Dental equipment
  • Office equipment
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Restaurant equipment
  • Printing equipment
  • Marine equipment
  • Security systems

You can contact us today and discuss your needs with and we can start with the paperwork as quickly as possible. We always try to keep our turnaround time as well as interest rates as low as possible. Our financial services are available to clients across Brampton, call us today!