Why is applying for an equipment loan is the perfect choice for starting a business?

Alongside a staff hardworking and qualified team members, you need a complete suite of excellent-quality equipment to keep your business operations running smoothly. But the problem is, buying professional equipment can be a bit expensive. Especially, if you are just starting a business, it is a heavy investment that might lead to some issues with funds. Not to worry though, our team at CIK Capital is here at your rescue. For the past 11 years, we have helped both large and small businesses with equipment loans, so they can launch their operations and eventually sustain the business. We are here to support you through and through so you can make your business grow and achieve your financial goals. If you have any queries feel free to speak with our team members. We offer services to commercial clients across Canada.

The many benefits of equipment loans

Applying for an equipment loan seems like an ideal choice for any new businessman because it is. There are many advantages of applying for this type of loan. Here’s a brief point-by-point summary on what are the benefits, have a look.

  • Equipment loans are very easy to obtain as the collateral is built right in (your business) which makes it a less risky investment for any lender or a bank. This makes it easier to get approved
  • There is no down payment for equipment loans. Which means you can use your working capital completely on other aspects of the business
  • An equipment loan can boost the net value of your business and preserve cash flow

However, in addition to all these pluses, there are some drawbacks as well. One of them being, you can’t use the funds from equipment loan for operational purposes. 

But it’s a very small negative aspect when you are looking at the larger picture. Equipment loans can help you launch your business off the ground. For further details on this matter, request a callback.

We offer equipment loans for:

  • Construction equipment
  • Medical and dental equipment
  • Office furniture/equipment
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Restaurant equipment
  • Printing equipment

The loan can be taken for 24-60 months. We offer a wide range of financial options and your team members can advise you on what would be the ideal choice for you based on the type of business you run. To arrange a consultation, call us.