Commercial Vehicle Finance 

Commercial Vehicle Finance 

Looking to start a commercial vehicle business? Need a loan to expand your business? Give us a call today and allow our experts to help you get the right loan for your business needs. From our experience we have seen that a majority of people don’t have the money to purchase commercial vehicles or a fleet to add to their existing business. They look for financing alternatives, particularly loans that can set them up for a few years. 

Your credit score is an important factor in helping you find the right financing you need. If your credit score is great, finding a loan for that truck or trailer is easy. If your credit isn’t perfect, it may be challenging. That is where we come in. Our specialists can help you find the right loan at good interest rates. 

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Commercial loans are often utilized for the following goals

  • Get small and large highway trucks
  • Invest in any type of commercial vehicles with quick and easy approval
  • To finance a single truck/trailer or even a fleet of trucks for your business
  • To purchase light, medium and heavy vehicles anywhere in Canada
  • To obtain any kind of commercial vehicles including semi, box, haul, highway, dump, platform and many more
  • To obtain top-quality commercial vehicles at good interest rates 

What type of loans can we help you with? 

When you are looking for commercial loans, we understand that the majority of market research and documentation seems like a task. It’ll be best to look at the various loan types we can help with, such as:

  1. Commercial Framing Vehicle Loans 
  2. Truck and Box Truck Loans 
  3. Bus Loans 
  4. Bus Fleet Loans 
  5. Concrete Transport Truck Loans 
  6. Freightliner Truck Loans 
  7. Excavation Heavy Vehicle Loans
  8. Construction Vehicle Loans and much more  

If you are a first time buyer, don’t hesitate to contact us. Becoming an owner-operator can be a rewarding both professionally and financially. We understand that it takes money to make money. If you haven’t saved up enough capital to purchase a commercial vehicle with cash, you’ll need to secure the financing before you can get your business operation rolling.

Considerations that can affect the financing rates:

While we all know that a good credit score is crucial, there are other factors that lenders look for before approving commercial vehicle loans. Your goal is to eliminate as much risk as possible. Here are a few suggestions.

  • The more commercial vehicle experience you have the better. It is even more so if you can show that you have a consistent revenue stream from it.
  • The further back a lender can look at your credit history, the better for your case — over seven years is optimal.
  • A credit history of honouring fixed payments at regular intervals is typically beneficial.
  • Find a well-established co-signer. A friend or family member with a good credit rating, can help when lenders consider your application.

The bottom line is that if you meet the qualifications necessary for a loan, it’s a relatively straightforward affair. Call our experts today!