Lease Financing

Lease financing across Canada

What is lease financing?

Year after year the cost of equipment is on the rise, making it more difficult for businesses, of all sizes, to purchase the equipment they need to do business. Businesses are turning away from traditional loans and cash purchases for the flexibility of lease financing.

In leasing, payments are a direct expense to you company, making them tax deductible, and are spread over a span of a couple of years – in some cases even a couple of months.

Why is lease financing a good fit for me?

Lease financing, other than being fast and price competitive, are also very flexible. Leasing companies, in comparison to banks, tend to offer financing to larger groups of credit styles than banks, that’s why everyone in this industry says “When the bank says “NO,’ We say ‘YES!

What are the advantages of lease financing?

  • Quick application and approval process – decisions usually made in a couple of hours!
  • Protection of your working capital – paying in installments allows you keep more in your pocket for the unexpected, and it allows you to preserve your operating lines.
  • In leasing tax is paid on the monthly payment, whereas in a traditional loan or a cash purchase tax is paid upfront and in full.
  • In most cases, the only collateral is the equipment itself – asset based lease financing.

*Traditional loans can also be provided on request